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Dungeon Hunter 4 description:

Venture forth into the most immersive, accomplished, and addictive chapter of the acclaimed action RPG saga!

- Hack your way through an EPIC STORYLINE & a dark fantasy adventure
- SLASH hundreds of enemies and massive bosses
- LOOT countless items

- Choose from 4 types of warriors with unique combat styles
- UPGRADE your battle skills
- CUSTOMIZE, craft and charm your gear
- Throughout the game, unveil the mysteries surrounding your warriors

- Fight along your friends in the CO-OP arenas
- Show off your battle skills in the action-packed PVP mode
- Gather up and fight other warriors in TEAM DEATHMATCH games

The Demons, a race thought to have been extinguished eons ago, have returned. You awaken from what seemed like a nightmare to find your kingdom, Valenthia, decimated. Unharmed from the battle, you are mysteriously gifted with tremendous new power and skills. You could be your people’s only remaining hope…

Embark on an epic adventure and get ready to fight your way through intense solo and multiplayer levels in this new free installment of the iconic dungeon crawler game.

This free fantasy game is best suited for fans of: hack 'n slash, action RPGs, dark fantasy games, multiplayer and free adventure games.

If you are one of them, get the game now for free!


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Dungeon Hunter 4 2.0.1f for APK file

Version: 2.0.1f for Android

Update on: October 17 17

Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c

Size: 27.72 MB (29,070,159 bytes)

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Dungeon Hunter 4 2.0.0f for Android 2.3 APK file

Version: 2.0.0f for Android Android 2.3

Update on: March 24 17

Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c

Size: 28.07 MB (29,435,976 bytes)

Download APK (28 MB)

Dungeon Hunter 4 2.0.0f for Android 2.3 APK file

Version: 2.0.0f for Android Android 2.3

Update on: October 05 16

Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c

Size: 27.86 MB (29,212,430 bytes)

Download APK (28 MB)

Dungeon Hunter 4 1.9.1d for Android 2.3 APK file

Version: 1.9.1d for Android Android 2.3

Update on: September 15 15

Size: 28.11 MB (29,477,320 bytes)

Download APK (28 MB)

Dungeon Hunter 4 1.9.0i for Android 2.3 APK file

Version: 1.9.0i for Android Android 2.3

Update on: October 10 15

Size: 27.98 MB (29,335,313 bytes)

Download APK (28 MB)

User reviews
Sa Bal avatar

Sa Bal

Could be so much better. This is one of the most fun games I've ever played. It's also the most frustrating. All was well until I finished easy story mode and started exploring the other features. Several co-op levels just end but dont give me the big chest or a way out. And the blood match is a joke. Or scam. The level worked fine until I rebooted phone. Then it asked me to login and just hangs up never logging in. So I've worked hard to get 95% toward a great prize. And now nothing. Also, to date I have yet to have an event work.



Cool but has problems It was so cool when I newly downloaded it all I could say is PERFECT but as time passes it became really awful it bugs whenever I use it and please fix it I'll be willing to rate you 5 stars. :)

John Christian Buban Lee avatar

John Christian Buban Lee

Fantastic graphics and smooth gameplay. Beautifully crafted cut-scenes using in-game graphics that plays incredibly well, with smooth animations throughout. There are dynamic shadows and exciting, uniquely-designed boss fights, albeit brutal to players. The music is fantastic and fits perfectly, undoubtedly reminiscent of your past favorite dungeon crawling games. A fitting story complete with voice-overs sets the theme and keeps us interested for more. Set in a world where evil has once again gained a foothold, slowly destroying everything you know. Apt, dont you think? It completes the mood and tone of the game, where the player fights countless hordes of demons and the corrupted, from the battle-raged streets of your citadel, and deep beneath the heart of dark dungeons. The true star of the show though is the gameplay. Its grindy nature is somewhat reminiscent of the Diablo franchise. If you can look past the grind of leveling and item hoarding, and its only downside of being pay2win, NOTHING on mobile comes close to this action rpg dungeon crawler. Not even DH5 (an embarrassing mess). You wont get a closer or better Diablo experience on mobile devices other than this.

Jeofrey Pereira avatar

Jeofrey Pereira

Bugsssss After game getting hung last week, lost all my DPS and skills got reset to 1. Now after completing Kenashi trials, instead of going to Lupine peak, it takes me back to Bayant mountains and it's back and forth... Finished Bayant then Kenashi and finish that and back to Bayant.... Can someone help or do I have to delete everything and start all over again? Also my quest arrow guide has disappeared. ?.... After defeating the alpha ravager in the Kenashi trials.. It takes me back to Bayant mountains....

Lyle Taylor avatar

Lyle Taylor

Action player Once downloaded from WiFi which took a lot of tries..not bad at all so far..I can get use to a game like this..!