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    Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread

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Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue ! description:

An infamous poacher and his lackey are threatening animals of the wilderness by stealing them from their families! Your exciting story begins as you head out on safari to rescue wildlife from danger. Welcome them into the zoo of your dreams and give the animals a place to grow up safe and strong with the help of your skilled zoo team in this amazing free game.

***** Enjoy the wildest Zoo adventure ever *****

√ The game is afoot! Follow an adventurous main story through dozens of fun missions.
√ Enjoy impressive 3D graphics that help bring the story -- as well as the vast environments, cute animals, big dinosaurs, and your dream park -- to life.

√ Explore the wilderness in 7 special maps: savannah, jungle, mountain, paddock and polar.
√ Find and rescue various animal and dino breeds, then welcome them into your wonderful zoo.

√ Collect legendary species such as the Unicorn and the Phoenix, breed them and create a happy family.
√ Decorate your zoo with plants, wishing wells, cute gift shops and restaurants. There are tons of customization options to give visitors the best social experience... with dinosaurs!

►►► A fun and exciting social title for kids and adults who like free games, dinosaurs, or any kind of animal!


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Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue ! 2.0.9i for Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread APK file

Version: 2.0.9i for Android Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread

Update on: December 11 18

Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c

Size: 35.28 MB (36,996,127 bytes)

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Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue ! 2.0.8p for Android 2.3 APK file

Version: 2.0.8p for Android Android 2.3

Update on: July 20 18

Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c

Size: 35.41 MB (37,126,138 bytes)

Download APK (35 MB)

Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue ! 2.0.7b for Android 2.3 APK file

Version: 2.0.7b for Android Android 2.3

Update on: February 14 18

Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c

Size: 35.25 MB (36,965,896 bytes)

Download APK (35 MB)

Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue ! 2.0.6c for Android 2.3 APK file

Version: 2.0.6c for Android Android 2.3

Update on: January 12 18

Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c

Size: 35.25 MB (36,966,215 bytes)

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Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue ! 2.0.5d for Android 5.0 APK file

Version: 2.0.5d for Android Android 5.0

Update on: July 23 16

Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c

Size: 35.14 MB (36,842,294 bytes)

Download APK (35 MB)

Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue ! 2.0.4a for Android 2.3 APK file

Version: 2.0.4a for Android Android 2.3

Update on: September 17 15

Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c

Size: 34.76 MB (36,445,369 bytes)

Download APK (35 MB)

Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue ! 2.0.2a for Android 2.3 APK file

Version: 2.0.2a for Android Android 2.3

Update on: October 10 15

Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c

Size: 34.72 MB (36,404,092 bytes)

Download APK (35 MB)

User reviews
Adison Pui Chun Yeh avatar

Adison Pui Chun Yeh

From 5 to 3 stars~ I used to love this game but what happened to it after the latest update??well……the peanuts seems to be gone but why money getting harder and harder to earn??every animals are costly and also the expansion cost a huge some of money~~can please reduce the price and make easy to earn money so that i can enjoy the game once agn like i use to~~and oso please giv me my bonuses when I level up & watch videos cz I dont rciv them at all~please resolve the prob n I wil rate 5 stars once agn~thank you~

Emily Kasarjian avatar

Emily Kasarjian

Would be 5 stars if breeding worked every time. Breeding will pause when you log off sometimes. So I started a breeding that takes 24 hours, logged off for 12 and came back, and it had only completed the 8 minutes I was on my game for when I started it. So annoying and a waste of time. Seriously ruins the game for awhile.

Samar El Masry avatar

Samar El Masry

Issue Wonderful game & graphic but , it freezes during playing so somtimes you can't press on or select some items even the road unless you restart the game plus it goes slow sometimes specially during watching an advertise , please give it more care & fix it , it really worth

Emily Cheeseman avatar

Emily Cheeseman

Prizes crash my game Absolutely love this game one of my favourites recently got a new tablet and it worked perfectly, but now when I get the free gift the game crashes!

Marissa Friesen avatar

Marissa Friesen

Amazing I Love this game it is awesome the graphics are amazing and the animals are very realalistic