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Nimble by Voltex descripción

For one-man-band (man-in-a-van) electrical contractors who never seem to have enough time and aren't making enough money the Nimble app is a job management system that helps them to free up their time and maximize their profitability.
Unlike most other job management apps our product makes it clear to electricians where they are losing time and money and points them in the right direction to improve.

- Overall Look and Feel of the Nimble app to cater the current trend in the User Interface and User Experience
- Register to Nimble app using different devices (IOS, Android and Web) without having to register in Ordering app
- Update personal and business information with our Profile Management.
- Configure settings for quotes, invoices, jobs, integration with XERO and even adding the desired labour rate.
- Manage own schedules for the day, week or month by adding events that can be linked to a Location/Customer/Job/Quote/Invoice.
- View events using "Calendar" view or by "Map" view
- Instantly generate quotations anytime, anywhere.
- Send them quotes and invoices thru email
- Receive notifications regarding quote's status
- Once the quote has been approved, invoice can now be generated and be sent back for reference.
- Manage their potential jobs by adding information whom to do the job for, what tasks comprises it, where and when it will take place and how much would it take to complete the job.
- Within a task, can list down all materials needed
- Option to choose from the public library or from creating an own list.
- Track how many jobs are potential, won, lost, and completed.
- Ability to upload images within the job
- Manage profit by adding their overhead expenses such as Salary, Office Rent, Travel Expenses and can even add more if needed.
- Set billable hours in Day, Week and Year.
- Automatically compute the breakeven price out of the overhead expenses and computed billable hours.
- To help make a smarter, proactive and profitable decisions, profit margin calculator is added to help make those kind of decisions.
- See invoices reflected with XERO. All updates coming from Nimble will be added as well in XERO Accounting System
- Keep track of customers by adding it to their "customer's list" and adding contact details and job addresses.
- Link customer's details to create job, event, quote or invoice.
- Online knowledge based is available for questions or support needed around Nimble app
- Added a reminder of the quotes that are still waiting for approval.
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