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FPT.AI eKYC helps the organizations / companies shorten the verification processes

FPTAI eKYC descripción


FPT.AI eKYC provides state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to compare the portrait in personal identification documents such as ID card, driver’s license, passport… with real face to verify whether they are the same person, help the organizations and companies shorten the verification processes into mere seconds instead of hours or days.

This solution can be applied for automated data input process in various domains including finance and banking, telecommunications, travel, tourism and hospitality; in such use cases as bank account opening, credit card application processing, user registration, guest verification / reservation, off-site check-in, etc.

The end-user can use FPT.AI eKYC via mobile application and web interface. Organizations and companies can use FPT.AI eKYC API to integrate to their systems or SDK to integrate to their mobile applications.

Technologies in app:

- FPT.AI Vision: full suite of OCR and computer vision machine learning to identity and extract rich information from document and bio-recognition (facial, head movements).

- Data validation module: Trusted source of data from both FPT.AI and Customer (organizations, companies…) data base.

How it works:

- Step 1: Input your name

- Step 2: Choose your document type: ID card, passport, driver’s license

- Step 3: Take photos of both front and back sides of document

- Step 4: Take a selfie photo of move you head follow the direction (Liveness)

- Step 5: Press Submit to send the data to data management board.

Benefits of using FPT.AI eKYC:

- Fast: End users can use this app to submit personal information remotely. And the organization can manage the data securely and conveniently right in management interface.

- Save cost: Help companies, organizations reduce operational cost.
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