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An extraordinary flying game based on old industrial shooting games.

Galaxy Shooter descripción

Galaxy Shooter 🎮app has modern control that brings you fun and addictive gameplay. Feel the thrill of excitement in airborne combat and engaged enemy in classic sky shoot 🌠 containing a great up all the space conflict and space battle! Become an amazing pilot in space sky shooter 🚀 today and defend Earth from waves upon waves of enemies! Control the lone spaceship, blast down each alien formation, and stop the enemy forces from destroying humanity right now!

• Get endless air combat boss battle
• Many modes of shooting
• New fighter glory from stars
• Classic mode flight multiple fighters
• Ultra-high-quality graphics and cool animations
• Galaxy invader’s survival shooting 🔫
• Thousands of thrilling missions
• Multiple epic boss fight wars
• Simple and easy to use
• User-friendly

Let’s play the game and have fun with the amazing Squadron in space💫. Hope you like it and if you have any suggestions regarding this application then please let us know at: [email protected]
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