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馃檹 Do you have a horoscope question? Our celebrity Vedic Astrologer Gurus have the answer.

Predictions are available within a day.

Get the best future predictions and astrology advice from astrologists. Horoscope predictions with astrological remedies.

Find out what do the stars have to say about you?

AstroVeda - My Vedic Astrologers is an effective yet affordable personalized & authentic astrological service with regular horoscopes with clear guidance on your zodiac sign.

Why should you settle for that generic and computer-generated, AI-based horoscope when you can have access to the authentic and professional Astrology Coach from the land of Everest every hour of the day.

We are a team of genuine professional Astrologers and software developers from Nepal, the real astrology zone, working 24/7 to make the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology easily accessible & affordable.

Downloading the app, You will enjoy:

1. Accurate future predictions
2. Personal guidance
3. Astrological remedies
4. Impacts of eclipses, transits, and retrogressions

Along with personal in-depth birth chart reading by your personal Astro, you would get horoscope based quotes with a complimentary Weekly Horoscope.

* Daily Horoscope
* Daily Lucky Horoscope Numbers
* Monthly Horoscope and
* Yearly Horoscopes are also available on demand.

You can ask astrology queries about personality, strength, weakness, physical and emotional traits, relationship, yodha - strength, career, health, money, work, and day to day life.

How does AstroVeda work?

A. Complete your birth details and register with a dedicated email and password for the app.

B. Ask a horoscope question to your personal Astrologer.

C. Your personal Guru will create a natal birth chart and make future predictions for you

D. You would then receive a notification with a detailed answer.

By raising your first query, you will be eligible to receive a complimentary weekly horoscope. A monthly horoscope is also available on demand.
1. Aries Horoscope
2. Taurus Horoscope
3. Gemini Horoscope
4. Cancer Horoscope
5. Leo Horoscope
6. Virgo Horoscope
7. Libra Horoscope
8. Scorpio Horoscope
9. Sagittarius Horoscope
10. Capricorn Horoscope
11. Aquarius Horoscope and
12. Pisces Horoscope

If you are looking for specific insights, you could find samples in the app itself, and here are some of the query samples.

Insight about Love, Relationship Advice, Synastry, Marriage, Compatibility, Horoscope Dating, Karmic astrology and Matchmaking

- Is my current boyfriend capable of being a good partner? What does compatibility match say about us?

- Is my Ex still in love with me? Will we get back together within 2020?

- When will I meet my soulmate and what will be the physical and emotional traits?

- Am I compatible with my current partner?

- When will I get married and how will be my husband?

Insight about your health

- How will be my health in 2021?

- Is my pregnancy going to be good? What is my pregnancy horoscope?

- I am trying to conceive. When is the best time to conceive a child?

Insight about your day to day life.

- What is my life purpose according to my birth chart? I feel I am born to accomplish something big.

- Does the natal chart say about one's personality accurately? What is my real personality?

- What are the lucky numbers, colors, and gemstones for today?

Why Vedic Astrology?

Astrology by date of birth is the key to predict your future based on the ancient wisdom of Veda as it takes the year, time, and place of birth into account to draw the exact birth chart. Known by different names Indian Astrology, Hindu, or Eastern Astrology, Vedic Astrology is the oldest of all.
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