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Grab your nukes and put up your fists! It's time to blow up some asteroids!

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Atomic Super Lander

The doomsday is upon us. The Earth is about to be bombarded by an asteroid supercluster! It’s time to cram all able-bodied persons to rockets and fire them blindly into space in a desperate fight for mankind’s survival!

Become a cosmic demolition man! Master the tricks of space flight, fight strange alien life and plant your nukes in the asteroid cores. Escape to safety and detonate those rocks to stardust!

Key Features:

- Unique combination of classic lander and platformer gameplay
- A balance of skillful gameplay and intense action in an increasingly hostile environment
- Explore endless amounts of different asteroids
- Navigate your spaceship through debris and danger
- Brawl with dangerous alien creatures
- Stylistic cartoon graphics and animations
- Multiple spaceships to help on your mission
- Collect achievement cards for an interactive cardhouse
- Compete against other players on global highscore boards
- Controller support
- Customizable touch controls

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