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A battery charging animation shows battery health in your phone. Battery widget

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The Battery Charger Animation is a simple and easy-to-use animation theme that is designed to show the battery charging process in your phone. The battery charger has three settings, sound, play duration and closing method options so that you can customize the custom battery saver application according to your needs.

Our battery charger animation theme features a color-shifting charging animation with pulsing colored lights and an ever-expanding battery percentage. You can make adjustments to the speed, color, animation duration and sound effects in this simple customize screen brightness.

This charging animation shows a battery health icon charging, with the charge level increasing. The volume of the charging sound increases as the battery life levels reach 100% and then decreases once again. The screen brightness also lights up when charging is complete. It is possible to turn off the charging animations in Settings if it doesn't fit with your particular project.

Feature of Battery Charger Animation
馃攱Change 100+ Charging animation
馃攱Customize Battery Charger Animation
馃攱Turn off animation battery widget
馃攱Setup charging wallpapers
馃攱Enable/ Disable battery alarm sound
馃攱Preview the battery animation theme in lock screen
馃攱Show up Play duration
馃攱Closing method: One tap or double tap
馃攱View Charging animation theme Gallery
馃攱Choose a file from the device to setup battery charger theme

Why should you choose this charging animation app?
馃槉Easy-to-use color charging animation interface
馃槷Discover 100+ ultra fast charger themes in Gallery
馃敍Turn on/ turn off cool battery animations anytime
馃摓Simple help and guideline
馃敔Diverse multiple languages

The battery widget will help you create an animation when users connect their devices to a phone battery charger master. This can be useful for displaying progress, phone charging level, or other relevant battery info related to the connection

We aim to deliver the great experience on our Battery Charger Animation and always looking to improve the experience for our users, really appreciate the feedback. If there is anything specific we can look into, please contact us . Thanks for your support!!
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