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Battery Charging Animations 4D descripción

Best Charging Battery Animation - Charging Animation Advance Key Features:

⚡ Turn on charging animation to have animation play on screen and lock screen.
⚡ Select from more than cool Charging animations.
⚡ New look for battery charger having cool charging animations.
⚡ Clickable notifications with action buttons.
⚡ Automatically optimizes when phone charger put on your device.
⚡ Simple screen design style, all functions are clear at a glance.
⚡ Customizable upload charging animation, wallpaper, unique self-style
⚡ Continuously update animation resources to keep exciting content uninterrupted
⚡ Invite friends to get coupons, unlock the latest content, and get more resources. --Ultra- practical and personalized tools to accompany, you can use it in work and life.
⚡ Custom set battery charging animation
⚡ Selection you choose animation if you need
⚡ Battery charge animation it’s size as per you may favorite on screen
⚡ You can also set opacity, rotation and adjust position of animation on the screen.
⚡ Set Custom Battery Charging Animation for android.

We'll also be adding more personalised charging screen animations! Find one that suits your taste!

Charge battery percentage is shown in the battery charging animation along with the battery life. Download this app and share it with your social circle.
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