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BzZzZz! Join our hive and start communicating smoothly in foreign languages. It has never been easier to learn English!

BeeSpeaker is a true revolution and the first-ever app totally devoted to learning to speak English. It’s a voice-controlled tool, based on modern machine learning technology, which offers much more than just one-sided learning - the interface recognizes the words and sentences pronounced by you and checks your progress when you learn English. This way, you know how you're doing and what you need to improve.

Are you bored with English flashcards or another English conversation app?
Are you feeling stuck when you practice English? Well, you're in the right place! BeeSpeaker is the perfect fit for you.

Thanks to BeeSpeaker, the obstacles and excuses that have stood in your way of learning English no longer exist! Our app features short and quick English lessons that you can do at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. We put emphasis on learning to speak English as we believe it is a key skill that is useful in every aspect of life.

Why should you take advantage of our digital native speaker - English teacher?

Because it’s the first step to bringing down your speaking barrier which often hampers learning English! Do your lessons (available categories: vocabulary, useful phrases, grammar, listening and pronunciation) and short video cards and get the premium version to access all English lessons and master English conversation.

Are you looking to learn to speak English fluently? Our instructors are experienced teachers, native speakers from countries like 🇬🇧 Great Britain, 🇺🇸 the United States, and 🇦🇺 Australia. Thanks to them you will learn different accents and ways of pronouncing particular words.

During your ‘conversations’, you will quickly gain self-confidence and get rid of your blockages in speaking.

We focus on a natural method of learning English, which is a novelty in mobile apps. Instead of swotting up on English words, grammar rules, or reading flashcards, you learn by listening and repeating in English. And if you make a mistake - BeeSpeaker will let you know that you need to try again. It's an extremely interesting, fun and effective method for you to learn English, which eliminates stress and allows you to focus on what is most important - talking freely in a foreign language. The teachers in our app always speak English, thanks to which you start to break it up and just speak!

Become part of the BeeSpeaker revolution. Start learning English today and you'll soon realize that speaking foreign languages is easy. English is really simple! Try it out today by downloading your digital native speaker!
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