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Enabling you to do more with your money online, instantly and at low fees.

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About Benkiko Finance.

As The Digital Bank for The Digital Economy, Benkiko powers your digital lifestyle by enabling you to do more with your money online, instantly and at low fees;
* Use Benkiko to send and receive money at very low fees.
* For freelancers; you can pay and get paid online instantly from anywhere in the world.
* For marketplace and social commerce; Pay online businesses on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter easily.
* For Content creators; Tip content creators and contribute to a good cause.
* And more; Monetize social posts, blogs and vlogs.
* Travel the world without currency conversion worries. Select your preferred currency per country.

Features that enable you to do more;
* Deposit - Allow you to deposit money by buying our USDB token in exchange for cash.
* Send - Allow you to send money to your contacts, and usernames.
* Request - Enables you to request money directly from another user’s account that is delivered to your account.
* Withdraw - Allows you to sell your USDB balance in exchange for cash.
* Scan - Allows you to scan payment QR codes from friends, shops, supermarkets, and other offline places and pay on the go.

Benkiko will continue to build tools for the Digital Economy and create the infrastructure necessary for a wholesome ecosystem. Enabling the ecosystem and the developer community to explore new ideas and innovate on the old.
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