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Meet your most compatible match based on your personality!
On Birdy, we introduce you to people who truly get you.


We apply a 100 year old personality science trusted by NASA to find you the perfect match on this crowded planet.

Just take our personality test, sign up for a matching event and wait for the holy notification saying that we found the perfect match for you!

Discover a new and meaningful way to fall in love.


Our mission is to reduce the divorce rate by creating the healthiest couples through personality matching.


"The secret to finding a compatible partner." - Truity

"If you’re looking for deep conversations and lowkey hangouts over hookups, it can be tough out there. That’s why I was really excited about Birdy." - Introvert, Dear

"Birdy is a personality matching app that understands you first, and then finds your perfect match." - Screenshot

"Birdy's CEO says that 60 percent of Birdy users are women and 75 percent of users identify as introverts." - Babson Thought & Action

"Is it possible to create a dating app that prioritizes personality over looks? The team at Birdy, a new dating and relationship app, thinks it is." - Forbes


1. Discover your personality type

After taking our in-app 12 questions personality test, you will have a better understanding of yourself and who you are most compatible with. You will recognize all the little quirks and attributes of yourself - some you already know and others you haven’t realized. Our process is very eye-opening and helps you to better understand your own actions and thinking.

2. Create your profile

At Birdy, we prioritize personality to ensure you make authentic connections. We give you a place to express yourself freely and be 100% creative on how you show who you are! Start by filling out our story templates or by uploading pictures that represent you. You don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to, personality comes first.

3. Sign up for a matchmaking event

Birdy will connect you with people who have compatible personalities and explain to you why. These people will be similar enough to make communication effortless and natural but different enough to help you grow and keep things interesting. Like their profile at the end of the virtual date and see if they liked you back to create a permanent match! While Birdy is working for you, you can also review profiles yourself through your daily suggested, the chatrooms or other events.

You can learn more about our compatibility theory on our website app-birdy.com

At Birdy, we are committed to creating an environment of respect, kindness and self-growth. We aim to provide you with the ideal surroundings to create meaningful connections.

We respect your privacy! You can read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use here:



Visit our website here : app-birdy.com

You can contact us at [email protected]
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