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How to make a special Bed Wars for your own? This Blockman Tool can easily help!

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Blockman Editor descripción

The free to use Blockman Editor lets you make games like Bed Wars 🛏️! Wanna play 1 vs 1 mode of Bed Wars? Come and make your own! Wanna play survival mode 🎮 of Bed Wars? Wanna add more props 🎊and gameplay to Bed Wars? Come and try this game maker made by Blockman GO team!

🛏️ How to Make Your Bed Wars? 🛏️

Based on the basic Bed Wars map that Blockman Editor offered as a model, you can make a special Bed Wars for your own by changing anything inside the map: worlds map, multiplayer number, generating sets, game props... What’s more, you can add other pros like teleport pipe, corpse flower as an obstacle, and even add levels in Bed Wars!!!! With your imagination, you can make your crazy interesting Bed Wars.

🚀 How to Release Your Bed Wars? Blockman GO 🚀

Any game you made with Blockman Editor will get a chance to be released in Blockman GO. You can make and submit any game you want, and we will release the game after a short time review! Players in Blockman Go will join and play your game, let’s make a new popular Bed Wars right now!

✨ Main Features: ✨

🎮 Games and game maps available
Change anything to make it a new game
🗺 Building tools to make maps quickly
One-click to build a game map
🎊 Plenty of props and AI monsters
Add some fun and make it different
🤖 Run to test your game anytime
One button to start testing
🚀 Submit and release to Blockman GO
Share your game with others
👨‍💻 Explore more at Creator Center
Monitor your game data

😇 Find Some Support Here 😇

If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us via [email protected]
Discord: https://discord.gg/gP5BHKkceK
Official Website: https://www.blockmango.net/#/editor
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