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Every business owner wants to let as many prospects as possible know where to find them, especially at that crucial moment when they need their product or services. However, many prospects hardly remember business contacts they had seen in a business advert at the time the information is most needed.

That is where we created BrandZilla app!

BrandZilla app is a business directory that makes it easy for business owners to connect with customers looking for their products and services. Unlike the conventional Yellow Pages, BrandZilla app is apt for our contemporary Mobile culture providing information about customers’ preferred brands on-the-go.

BrandZilla app Yellow Page is designed to help businesses grow. The search filter makes it easy for prospects to get contacts of businesses grouped in over 300 categories on the network. Business contacts filled in upon subscription are used to create a virtual business card that business owners can send out to contacts.

The Auto Proximity Locate Device (APLD) is enabled with the GPS, enabling prospects find businesses near them by using the business types filter. This button shows prospects a list of businesses in the category they are searching from nearest to the farthest.

Find Brands in Shops Near You function is a novel anti-counterfeit features that enables customers use the app to find retail stores close to them where manufacturer’s original brands are sold. Like the APLD Button, the GPS is also used to show retail stores for the queried brand from the nearest to the farthest. This feature offers merchants and manufacturers a secure portal to list their brands and upload the contacts of accredited retail outlets.

BrandZilla app is equipped with many other features that enables businesses connect and communicate with new and existing customers, therefore fostering growth and profitability.
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