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Budget Bytes - Delicious Recipes for Small Budgets description:

Introducing The Budget Bytes App, from cookbook author and winner of Saveur's Best How-To Food Blog in 2016, Beth Moncel. Beth has built a loyal following of millions of fans by delivering delicious recipes designed for small budgets on her blog www.budgetbytes.com. Now, she's put 500 of her most popular recipes into the Budget Bytes App, complete with step-by-step photography and voice guidance from Beth herself. She'll personally walk you through every recipe, right in your kitchen. Cooking on a budget shouldn't mean canned beans and ramen noodles night after night. Welcome to the world of delicious recipes designed for small budgets.

Beth adds, “I’ve partnered with the tech-savvy team at SideChef to bring you an easy to use app packed with more features than I could have imagined. It’s like an interactive and customizable cookbook with my voice coaching you through each recipe! Cool, right??

We’ve pre-loaded the app with the 500 best recipes from years past and also loaded 300 credits into your account to jump start your access to additional new recipes in the marketplace. All new recipes from the blog will be uploaded into the marketplace where you can choose which recipes you want to load into your app. You can continue to earn free credits by simply visiting marketplace once per day, commenting on recipes, or uploading a photo of your creation.

Why am I so excited about this app? Well, let me just list a few of the super cool things it can do…
-Deliver the recipes you love faster and easier without waiting for a website (or annoying ads) to load. Plus, save recipes to personal “cookbooks” to access your favorites even faster.
-Filter recipes by price to get recipes that are the best fit for your budget.
-Adjustable serving sizes let you cook the amount that you want and reduce food waste.
-Access how-to technique videos right in the instructions so you can cook with extra confidence.
-Cook with me, in real time! We wanted to make this app extra personal, so you’ll have my voice giving you step-by-step instructions as you cook.”

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User reviews
Lauren Smith avatar

Lauren Smith

Good food with a good app! Great interface, search function, and ways to save the recipes you like. The font is very easy to read while cooking and the recipes are updated/added to weekly. If I have any complaints, it'd be that the app can infrequently freeze during use. Highly recommended!

Zack Slizewski avatar

Zack Slizewski

App constantly asks for mic permissions while cooking. Website has more recipes available which you can print out.

Alex Kleiber avatar

Alex Kleiber

Works now! Awesome app, and thank you for the response. Looking forward to more recipes.

Sean Campbell avatar

Sean Campbell

Great app! I've followed Deb for years now and her recipes are great, and this app does a nice job of collecting them and making it easy to access and modify them. There are a few hiccups, requiring internet access isn't great and there's no way to filter by date so it's hard to see when and which new recipes are added. Besides that, though, it's a very nice app.


Beth's website is great. Her book is decent. But this app requires constant internet access to even launch. (If I had constant internet access , I would just visit the website. The whole virtue of a downloaded app is offline use.). This is a major design flaw. Also, the app needs to have a way of keeping the phone unlocked so recipes can be glanced at without constantly re-unlocking your phone. (Like a recipe book)