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Building Stories is an interactive inventory of historic sites in Canada.

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Building Stories is an online, interactive inventory for historic sites in Canada. It goes beyond the Canadian Register of Historic Places to recognize any sites of historic interest, not just designated properties. The goal is to enable Canadians to take a direct role, first by identifying important community heritage assets using a standardized process and medium, and second by sharing the information that will be easily accessible online.

Building Stories Mobile is the mobile app to compliment the web inventory at www.buildingstories.co Users are able to select a tour of desired destinations, browse nearby heritage sites, or submit information on historic sites for consideration in the inventory. Tours will provide directions between locations and will link to the building information online.

Building Stories is a joint venture of the Heritage Resources Centre (www.env.uwaterloo.ca/research/hrc) and the Computer Systems Group (csg.uwaterloo.ca) at the University of Waterloo, and the Centre for Community Mapping (www.comap.ca). The project is funded by the Canadian Interactive Fund from Canadian Heritage and the Cultural Strategic Investment Fund from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport.
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