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Cell Tracker is the complete solution to connect with your kids and relatives, cell track the position of your cell phone and access the complete
backup of your history log. Cell phone tracker is designed to do all complicated tasks in the most comfortable way. You won't be worried about
the safety of your kid any more and you will be able to keep track of your older or handicapped relatives in order to keep them away from danger,
but don't use as cell spy phone app.

Cell tracker is not a cell spy phone app, it's the most convenient tracking app that offers unique features designed to make your life easier.
Some of these gps tracker features are:

- GPS locator: Monitor the current position by cell phone tracker and kids cell tracker.
- GPS tracker: This feature allows you to GPS tracking the history of the locations.
- Call backup: Complete history of the incoming and outgoing calls including their duration and timestamp.
- SMS and MMS backup: Read all incoming text and multimedia messages and store them for later access.
- Social apps backup: Whatsapp messenger, Viber messenger, Facebook messenger, Instagram messenger
- Contacts backup: Backup your phone's contact list for easy access.
- System information: Current battery status and network coverage.
- Anti theft: cell phone tracker - determine the GPS location of your cell phone in each moment.

This cell tracker has many advantages that make it very convenient for your everyday use:

It has simple and intuitive user interface.
Cell Tracker is a battery friendly application.
Cell Tracker is very easy to use.
24/7 support by our crew.
Cell Tracker works anywhere in the world and it doesn't depend on your GPS Location.

Remember: It is not cell spy phone app. It's illegal to cell spy phone or to track people without their consent!
Cell Tracker provides monitoring and backup of your personal mobile phone.

Are you familiar with the anxious feeling when you realize that your cell phone is not in your bag or in your pocket?
Your kids were supposed to be at home an while ago but they are still absent?
The Cell phone Tracker app can be your remedy for the growing insecurity in the modern world.
Keep your expensive mobile phone safe, backup your personal data and take care of your child's safety by using Cell Tracker.
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