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Relish yourself with chained cars racing games. Start realistic car racing on the asphalt track in the championship and win against your competitors. You will start your career as a auto towing stunt racing driver in this world and try your best to win the competition and get the prize money. A long heavy chain is attached with your stunt driving car and you have to drive it carefully and try not to collide with other crazy chained cars while being in the race. You can choose your extreme chained racing car from the garage. The game has exciting modes to play. These luxury sports racer chained cars have immense speed and the other drivers will try to hit you and perform stunts but you have to reach a certain checkpoint to get over the line in this cars prado jeep action game.
There are chained car transporter trucks which will do transportation and first you have to load them with all the super bikes and extreme cars and then drive this transporter truck to the showroom to unload the heavy chained cars and vehicles this asphalt road has racing extreme giants machine on it. The racing game has thrilling and stunning environment in which you can show your chained car stunt driving skills. The car racing game has all the recipes of driving different vehicles if you have played the Transporter truck games, jeep stunt games then this chained car racing stunt game has all the ingredients of being an undisputed time savior of yours. The car racing game has excellent modes as.
Single Player Racer Mode:
In this game mode you will drive your chained taxi car along with another skilled driver on asphalt roads. They both will start racing and at an extreme racing point one car will collide with another one and the both cars will fly in the air to show you the extreme action stunt 3d. The ‏chained car game is specially made for action and stunts lovers.
Multiplayer Car Stunt Mode:
In this chain breaker game mode a championship race will be organized between you and a lot of car surfers. The desert safari game has levels with discriminating difficulty which will vary and you will become a skilled chained car driver after playing this spectacular 3d world in extreme chained racing games.
Chained Car Racing Stunt Game Features:
• Chained car games Prado and limousine cars for racing
• Challenging levels and luxury cars
• Attach two chained cars and race towards destination
• Stunning hd graphics
• 360 degrees camera view which you can select
• A complete firework celebration at the end point
• Realistic mountain drives and tracks
• Monster truck driving for stunts games
• 4x4 heavy cars, Prado and SUV to drive
Actual gearing system of ‏luxury cars
Become a euro truck driver and cab driver in chained stunt car games. If you love heavy machineries like bike, chained cars and airplanes then this is going to be the most racing fun game. There are also drone robot games and truck towing chained car transport games in Europe. This battle arena game is for action and thrill lovers. It’s an endless adventure show with eye catching user interface of chained cars. Drive euro truck too in this asphalt car games and get the simulation. Be the best driver in the world and the idea of actual gearing system in the modern luxury chained cars.
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