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Pingo is a companion app to Find My Kids, our app for parents. Please only install this app on a device used by a child or teenager.

We recommend you start by downloading the Find My Kids app on your phone. After that, install Pingo on your child's device and enter the code from the Find My Kids app you received when you signed up.
Now these two devices are connected and you can use the GPS tracker.


GPS locator - see your child's location on the map and the history of the day's activity - an online location diary. Make sure that your child does not go to dangerous places

Sound around - listen to what's going on around your child to make sure they're okay

Loud signal - send a loud signal to your child's phone if they have left it in their backpack or on silent mode and can't hear the call

Parental control - find out what apps they used at school, whether they played in class instead of learning

Notifications - make sure your child is on time for school: get notifications when they get to school, back home, and other places you've created

Battery control - remind your child to charge the phone on time: you will be notified if the battery is about to run out

Family chat - chat with your child in the chat room with fun stickers and send voice messages

You can see your child's online location for free once the devices are connected. Other features in the free version are available with restrictions. To use all the features of the app, you should buy a subscription.

In case of technical problems, you can always contact Find My Kids 24-hour support via support chat in the app or by e-mail [email protected]
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