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Are you ready to take the 30 day challenge to grow your chest? Use our chest workout app and get in shape in no time. It is 100% FREE and provides you with the most systematically designed and proven chest workout to strengthen your overall pectoral muscle and have a strong upper body.

Our chest workout app has been designed with three levels of training plan namely-BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED. Each level has a 30 Day chest workout training plan with a no of workouts with dedicated rest between each set and obviously providing you with the facility of pausing, resuming, and skipping the workout timer in the activity page of our chest workout app. The chest workout can be performed by MEN AND WOMEN of all age. This chest workout app is a robust powerhouse of a total of 20 plus pushup variations designed specifically to hit and train each and every part of your chest including inner chest ,lower pectoral muscle ,upper pectoral muscle and middle chest.

This fitness app has been provided with 3D ANIMATION of different variation of pushup workouts to highly improve the efficiency of exercises for beginners and act as a Personal Guide, and the exercises in the advanced level is also tough enough to Challenge Advanced Athletes.

Our chest workout app also has features that let you know your CALORIES BURNED, DURATION OF WORKOUT and much more and it does not end here, you can also save your TOTAL CALORIES BURNED, TOTAL WORKOUT DURATION for all your training days. The HISTORY section of our ' Chest Workout, Push Ups-30 Day Home Workout ' app lets you see the number of calories burned and workout duration for each day you perform the chest workout using our fitness app. Try burning more and more calories and eating a clean diet will help lose weight, burn Belly Fat and have a ripped Six Pack with a strong upper chest.

It is a FREE home workout guide which can be used by anyone starting from beginner to pro for chest workout. It's definitely worth a try for people wanting to tighten their core abs muscle, lose belly fat and grow their chest and have a strong upper body physique. The different variations of pushups in our chest workout app will help grow every part of your chest muscles.

It is also equally important to have a clean balanced diet meal, a good meal and a days training using our fitness app will really help you learn a no of variations of pushup workouts and make your chest muscles strong helping you get a well built physique .Exercising daily also increases blood circulation in our body and help keep us healthy. So just make 10-15 minutes time everyday to do these chest workouts.


1. 30 Day chest Workout routines for stronger development of chest muscles, shoulders , lose weight and have a stronger and more defined upper body.
2. Three Training levels from Beginner to Pro.
3. Semi-Automatic chest workout Generator.
4. 3D Animated pushup workouts to Guide you through the exercise routine.
5. See the Calories Burned and Workout Duration in the chest workout app itself.
6. Save and Track your Progress.
7. 100% free of cost and no Equipment required(home workout).
8. Anybody starting from Zero Experience to Pro Athletes can use this home workout app.
9. Contains various variations of pushup workouts to train your pectorial muscles.

It also acts as a high to moderate intensity interval training scheme(HIIT). This fitness app is designed with a no of easy to hard home workouts specifically training your chest and building strong upper body. It also helps lose belly fat and building strength.
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