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Learn cloud computing on the go and get certified with Cloud Academy!

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Looking to get certified on the major cloud computing companies' services? Want to become more knowledgeable about DevOps, containerization, or serverless? At Cloud Academy, we help you master the most important cloud computing technologies to acquire the skills you need to boost your career in your salary.

The Cloud Academy app offers a complete learning experience available anytime, anywhere.

Our training courses cover the major cloud platforms, as well as emerging best practices in DevOps, containerization, serverless, and more. We guide your learning with direct access to all of the tools you need to build your knowledge base, test your skills, and prepare for cloud certification using our expert-led video courses, interactive quizzes, and dedicated learning paths, available online, 24/7.

Why Cloud Academy?

* Certification prep: Prepare for your upcoming AWS, Azure, or GCP certification with over 150 expert-crafted questions designed to test your knowledge on the go.

* Extensive training library: Get full access to the Cloud Academy library, including courses, quizzes, and learning paths.

* Available offline: You'll never lose your progress. Our courses and quizzes are accessible offline for your convenience.

* Professional development: Track your progress and identify the next skills that you need to learn.

Ready to Get Started? Upgrade Your Career with Cloud Academy Today!

At Cloud Academy, we want to help you accomplish your career goals. Whether you want to pass a certification exam or prepare for a job interview, we're here to help! Download the Cloud Academy app today to get started on your personal learning journey.

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