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Explore & create inspiring DIY projects about urban farming & the environment

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Start Commurbaning!!!
Commurban is a simple way to explore new ideas and find inspiration in various DIY projects related to agriculture, urban farming, gardening, smart balcony, energy, recycling, waste management and generally any topic that promotes an environmental friendly culture!

Make the most out of Commurban:
1. Discover and enroll in completed and ongoing DIY projects from all around the world
2. See how ongoing DIY projects are evolved
3. Create your own DIY project
4. Follow, like, comment on projects and share them in your social media

Experience the joy of doing yourself!
Whether you are looking for gardening ideas to recreate and beautify your balcony, your roof, your house, or if you want to create a vegetable garden, to grow herbs, fruits, trees and other plants, Commurban can give you many valuable ideas! Additional DIY projects about construction, energy, waste, recycling and other eco - friendly topics are more than welcome to Commurban!

Do not hold back your ideas!
You never know when your next big inspiration for a DIY project will knock on your door! When that happens do not hold it back! Start commurbaning and transform your idea into a great DIY project! Share your inspiration and more will come back to you!

This is the very first version of the app! More is yet to come!
Open up the road to creativity and start Commurbaning!
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