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Manage and monitor your smart home better and easier anytime from anywhere! This app works with home appliances and services from Hisense, Gorenje, ASKO & ATAG brands.
The app gives you the power to alter the world around you, just the way you like it. The ConnectLife app will adapt your smart home in a way that suits you from the minute you walk through the door. Set up specific tasks for your smart washing machine, control your smart refrigerator, check in with your smart dishwasher, and keep track of maintenance and update cycles for your smart air conditioning - all while you are on the go.

Smart wizards, tailored to registered appliances, will help you with your daily chores. No basic knowledge on cooking, washing, or cleaning is required, since wizards know the appliances and suggest optimal settings based on their characteristics and the desired outcome. With instant notifications, you will always know just what is going on in your home, no matter where you are. It is easy to create your own tasks tailored to your needs.

You cannot remember if you have closed the door of your smart refrigerator? No need to worry, just check in the ConnectLife app.
Do you have lots of laundry to do and do not want to miss a minute? Now you can easily monitor when your smart washer will finish your laundry.
You have no idea what to cook for dinner? Quickly scroll through the recipe section and get inspired with new recipes for your cooking.
Do you want a delicious dinner, perfectly baked and done, right on time when you come home? Simply control your smart oven from the app on the go.
Do you have problems with your connected appliances and do not know how to solve them? No need to panic, aftersales support is at your fingertips.
Smart home appliances work with Amazon Alexa that takes them to the next level with hands-free voice control.
Download now and alter the world around you with the new ConnectLife app.

The functions offered in the ConnectLife app can vary depending on the specific type of appliance and the country in which you are using the appliance. Discover the ConnectLife app to see which functions are available to you.


Monitor: constant insight into your smart appliances’ statuses
Control: control your appliances anytime from anywhere
General: all about your appliances, at your fingertips
Recipes: many delicious recipes adjusted to functions & settings of your oven
Ticketing: aftersales support and FAQ at your fingertips

Brands: Hisense, Gorenje, ASKO, ATAG
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