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Cooking recipes - desserts etc descripción

1. Application function
1) Function to search the desired information by searching various recipes
2) Register the desired information to your favorites
3) Search function for recent data
4) Memo registration function


2. cooking recipes
1) grill recipes
barbecue, baked potato, baked sweet potato, beef tenderloin, chicken enchiladas, chicken fillet, kebabs, chop with rosemary, crispy chicken legs, egg pizza etc

2) baking recipes
cakes and pastries, pancakes, pies, apple muffin, baklava , beef empanada, biscuit bran, biscuit olive, blueberry kuhen, brownie coconut, ake pan, charlotte russian, cheese biscuit pumpkin etc

3) desserts recipes
baking, pastries, apple, chocolate, banana, blackberry, cheesecake, coconut, fruit casserole, fruit salad, granola, marshmallow, cheese cake, oatmeal, grape, strawberry etc

4) salads recipes
tasty cuisine, vegetarian cuisine etc

5) fish recipes
baked shrimp, caesar salad with anchovies, cod fritters, smoked salmon, chowder, fillet, nugget, paste,fish with potato, gravlax, grilled salmon, guacamole, sandwich with tuna, kasserol tuna,linguine pasta, linguini con sarde, mussels and clams, mussels, mussels with cheese, orzo risotto etc

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