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Cratio CRM Software is complete tool for Sales Lead Management & Lead Automation

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Cratio Sales CRM Software is a complete tool to manage your sales business. The software has the following major features.

Lead Management & Automation:
Automatic Lead Capture from Multiple Sources
Assign Leads to Sales Staff & Notify Instantly
Send Greeting SMS,Email to Customers
Track, Qualify and Convert Sales Leads.

Sales CRM Software Features:
Sales Opportunities & Pipeline
Plan, Assign and Track Sales Activities
Email, SMS Reminders for Calls, Visits
Mail Professional PDF Proposals

Mobile Sales Force Automation:
Visit Plan in Mobile with Due & Reminders
Activity Updates and Daily Visit Reports

Sales Communications
Send Manual and Automatic SMS
Email Customers directly from CRM
Click to Call & Customer Call recordings
Integrated Email, SMS & Voice Channels

Getting Started:
* Download Apps from Google Play
* Signup your account from :-http://www.cratiocrm.com
* Login your account from :- https://crm.cratio.com/login
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