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Manage your corporate drone network and gather assets for your corporation.

Cyberdrones descripción

Welcome to the vibrant, neon world of Cyberdrones - a challenging cyberpunk strategy game. This isn't a game for the faint-hearted. It requires strategy, precision, and perseverance. Dive into a futuristic cityscape and shape the destiny of your corporate empire.

Venture into a Futuristic City

Guide drones through a sprawling, pulsating city. Navigate between towering skyscrapers and sprawling slums, observed from a unique 3/4 orbiting camera perspective.

Master Strategy and Adaptation

At the heart of Cyberdrones is the ability to create and manage links between various objects, each representing different resources. Your ability to strategize and adapt is key to your success.

Manage Your Corporate Empire

Manage your corporation's characters and make decisions that will shape your company's structure and strategy. Aim to rise through the ranks in this ruthless world.

Rise to the Top

Start as a consumer and work your way up through industry and military ranks. Each level introduces unique challenges, requiring strategic mastery.

Optimized for Android

Cyberdrones is developed using Unity 2021, and is fine-tuned specifically for Android devices. It features visually stunning graphics, intuitive controls, and gripping gameplay for an unmatched gaming experience.

Remember, victory won't come easy in this game. You'll be challenged, pushed to your limits. Embrace the struggle, learn from setbacks, and come back stronger. Will you carve out your own corporate empire in this dystopian future? The journey starts now. Download Cyberdrones today and begin your cyberpunk strategy adventure!
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