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Easy Chinese Video - Toshi descripción


Easy Chinese Video - Toshi is a Chinese learning application for self-study people who want to communicate, practice listening - speaking from basic to advanced.

Chinese language application with common topics in communicating such as movies, news, TV, music, vlogs, food, animation, travel,... Suitable for all beginner, intermediate and advanced to practice Chinese communication.

While listening to Chinese videos, try to repeat the sentences with the same intonation and pronunciation as the native speakers.
With Toshi, you can learn how to speak, pronounce, and pause like a native. Also to improve listening comprehension skills, the application also helps you learn Chinese grammar, Chinese vocabulary, and useful phrases to communicate in daily life.

★★★ Main features:

* Practice listening with Chinese videos, updated daily
* Various topics from greetings to complex Chinese conversations
* Rich sentence patterns updated daily
* Listen and repeat: practice Chinese listening and pronunciation skills.
* Sentence separation, speaking challenges from basic to advanced
* Learn Chinese vocabulary every day through video
* Quiz series: Practice with short Chinese quizzes
* Save sentences and words: Practice and repeat the sentences and words you want to memorize
* Audio with standard native speaker voice
* Follow the learning path, claim prizes when reach the number of videos learned
* Customize display: Font style, font size, language
* Reminder to practice listening, watching Chinese videos every day.

★★★ "Easy Chinese Video - Toshi " app is suitable for:

* People who want to improve their Chinese communication
* Self-study learners Chinese at home
* People who want to learn to listen - speak Chinese
* Chinese learners prepare for HSK, Tocfl. exams
* The person who learned Chinese then interrupted
* Learners want to review knowledge and innovate learning methods to be effective
* Want to challenge the level, improve listening - speaking skills.

Chinese Mandarin is difficult but if you have Toshi, it will be much easier.
The method of learning Chinese is simple, creative but still brings moments of relaxation. Download the app and conquer Chinese with Toshi!

The application "Easy Chinese Video - Toshi" is still in the process of development, so receive your comments and suggestions for improvement.
Toshi's mission always wants to send you the best Chinese learning app. With an enthusiastic team who love Chinese, we always try to share this love with the community. So if you love the app, please take a moment to rate it 5 stars! You can also contact us by email: [email protected]
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