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DrugRx (disease,diagnosis) descripción

DrugRx is a comprehensive information resource on drugs approved for use in India.
The app extensively covers over 300000+ drug entries, including the newly FDA-approved small molecules and 61,000+ generic brands marketed and prescribed all over India, 700+ disease entry, skin disease photograph offline med dictionary, symptoms evaluator.

* Easy to use quick drug reference
* Free drug database provides complete information about the drugs and its pricing
* Helps in making better treatment and decision making
* Complete information about disease
* Prepared, Designed, programmed by Dr bhadresh patel (single doctor)
* Based on the latest guidelines

App Features:
1) You can search drug molecules for the complete prescribing and pricing information in detail. The information provided is incorporated from standard references or PI modules.
2) Enhanced with advanced searching ability to find individual or combination brands available in Indian markets. The latest pricing and company information is also listed side by side. You can find alternative or brand substitutes using our unique tool.
3) Updating. We update as per the new guidelines and policies on a regular day to day basis.
4) The drug database has the "full offline” option. You can choose to download the entire library offline for easy access.
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