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An app for fleet management, vehicle surveillance, and field work management.

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In order to use this app, you must have a valid Ecofleet SeeMe account. Please don't hesitate to press "Sign up" button in application login screen to create one.

You can create your own fleet by using android devices instead of dedicated GPS controllers.
With this app, tablets and smartphones can be used as dedicated portable tracking devices. To do so, please register your devices by pressing 'Start Tracking' button in the home screen.

Main features:

- View vehicle's location and tracking history on map
• Vehicle quicksearch
• A selection of quality maps
• Addresses are retrieved on demand
• Complete latest vehicle location info: address, coordinates, speed, heading

- Turn your handheld device into portable tracker
• Adaptive tracker configuration
• Auto suspending GPS sensor when stationary for optimal battery consumption

Task management
- Assign tasks directly from web application to field worker's smartphone or tablet.
- Create and edit tasks on the fly
- View and manage customer-specific data
- Navigate to destination via Google Mobile Maps
- Add photos to task
- View route to task location on map
• Mileage calculation and reporting
• Signable user-defined forms
• Notifications and messaging
• Photos
• Travel time estimation

Asset management
- Pick up and drop QR coded assets
• Barcode scanner integration

19 languages are currently supported

For more information, please visit www.fleetcomplete.ee.
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