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ePayService descripción

ePayService is a multifunctional payment solution for individual businesses and IT-professionals. It's user friendly interface and stylish layout meet the highest standards of the new generation of electronic payment systems and make the funds management simple and effective.

- Multi currency wallet for digital era. Store funds in USD, EUR and 15 more currencies.
- Receive payments from employers and partners by bank transfer, digital currency and more.
- Make transfers to employees and relatives by bank transfer, to local bank cards, by cash and more.
- Withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide. Your money are always with you.
- Pay for online and in-store purchases. Great shopping experience with ePayService debit and virtual cards.

ePayService cards for your employees and partners:
- Daily limit for ATM withdrawal and POS purchases up to USD 10.000;
- Instant free-of-charge load;
- ATM withdrawal fixed charge of USD 2.4 only;
- Possibility to manage card account using mobile device.

Mobile-friendly version allows you to:
- Replenish your ePayService card using Android device;
- Initiate outbound and accept inbound transfers from other ePayService users;
- Pay for mobile, internet and hosting services;
- Check current balance of your ePayService account in USD and EUR as well as the balance of your debit/virtual card account;
- Benefit from MasterCard live currency rates;
- Create a ticket in case if Support Team assistance is required.
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