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During the school day, you’re frequently on the move—to classrooms, the cafeteria, large group instruction rooms, and athletic fields. With the all-new eSchoolPLUS Admin Mobile App, important student information can go with you on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The app’s intuitive touch interface puts student schedules, attendance, medical records, emergency contact information, and other essential data at your fingertips, wherever you are. It also helps you manage your workload by allowing you to access the discipline referral process and communicate with district staff and student contacts anytime, anywhere.

Designed for users of the eSchoolPLUS student information system, the eSchoolPLUS Admin Mobile App is another 21st-century tool developed for 21st-century schools by SunGard K-12 Education.


Robust Functionality, Information
• Anytime, Anywhere Access. A wealth of student information is at your fingertips—contact information, class schedule, attendance, report card/individual progress reports, discipline, notes, demographics, and alerts, such as medical advisories.
• Quick Search Capabilities. Easily find student information by scanning bar or QR codes on student I.D. cards, or search by first name, last name, student I.D., grade, gender, house team and status. The search engine provides results as a gallery of student photographs to ensure you connect with the right information.
• Convenient Offline Mode. Student information is available even when a wireless connection is not, thanks to the app’s offline mode. This feature synchronizes basic information to your local device, secures it, and then makes it available when you’re not connected—on field trips, at athletic contests, or even during school emergencies.

Powerful Mobile Office
• Today at a Glance. The Dashboard features today’s class schedule and allows you to retrieve lists of students who are absent and those celebrating their birthday.
• Portable Notifications. When paired with the eSchoolPLUS 3.0 notification engine, the app can extend the reach and timeliness of routine and emergency communications. You can read notifications wherever you are.
• Discipline At-the-Scene. The discipline referral process is available wherever you need it—in school hallways, classrooms, and the cafeteria. The tool permits you open and submit a conduct referral. You also can add documentation, like photographs and notes, to the referral. • Timely Connections. Initiate conversations from your mobile device by tapping on phone numbers and e-mail addresses in a student’s contact information.

Intuitive 21st-Century Tool
• User Friendly App. The touch interface is easy to use. Those who need a little help can watch a short video available on the customer support website, which explains how to navigate the app and use its features. In addition, screen overlays will appear the first time you open each of the app’s pages.
• Building-Specific and Student-Centric Data. Based on your eSchoolPLUS domain and password, the app quickly takes you to the student information for your building. This increases the speed of your searches and reduces the amount of data stored on your device. And, if you need to view information for more than one building, the app allows you to move there with ease.

Secure Access
• Protection for Student Privacy. The app’s security, with encrypted data exchange, safeguards student data from prying eyes, either on the device or in the air.
• Consistency with District Access Criteria. On first use, you will be required to enter a passkey to gain access to the district’s eSchoolPLUS server. The district’s pre-established criteria determine what student information eSchoolPLUS Admin Mobile App users can view.
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