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EV-comply is a software solution for electric vehicle charge points

EV-comply descripción

EV-comply is a software solution for the survey, installation and management of electric vehicle charge points. Featuring both desktop & mobile applications.

As electric vehicle charge point installations continue to develop in complexity, improved customer experience with smart charging, additional data management and on-going administration burdens of grant schemes, we believe that EV-comply will greatly improve business process efficiencies and accelerate your successes with minimal resources.

It was designed and developed in the UK to assist all businesses, from sole traders to nationwide installers. It is undoubtedly the simplest most efficient way to input, manage and securely store all your customer data.

The EV-comply mobile application allows the completion of domestic & workplace EV installations to progress quickly and efficiently. Mobile application eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork and costly admin resources. Features include:

• OLEV grant and DNO forms automatically populated with completed documents ready for submission.
• Improved success rate submitting fully compliant documentation with any OLEV grant claim.
• Carryout on-site Technical Surveys and Risk Assessments with a ready to use proformas.
• Information collected utilising checkboxes and dropdown selections for simplicity and speed.
• Completed post installation documentation including installation and commissioning certificates.
• Take and upload site photographs to supplement technical surveys and OLEV submissions.
• A unique “Knowledge Base” with everything you need to know surrounding your selected EV Charge Points, from data sheets to technical and install guidance and much more, all instantly available via the mobile app, so it is always at your fingertips.
• Schedule survey and installation appointments via the mobile application with Google maps navigation tool.
• All data collected securely stored and accessible at any time.
• Totally eliminates the need for paper documents on any OLEV funded or non-funded installations.
• Full technical support

EV-comply reduces the chance of human error and significantly accelerates the administration involved in processing meaning more work can be spent on the job in hand.

EV-comply offers a one of a kind intuitive user interface. The application has been cleverly designed with simplicity at the forefront.
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