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EV Connect descripción

EV Connect is the home of the most innovative, robust and feature-rich cloud-based software platform for managing electric vehicle charging stations, their interaction with utilities and the driver experience.

The EV Connect App uses location-based services to allow drivers to easily find, access, and securely pay for EV charging. Drivers can search for and locate electric vehicle charging stations based on location, station ID, availability, power level provided, and accessibility.

Start charge sessions simply by scanning QR codes or entering the desired station ID in the app.

With the EV Connect electric vehicle charging app, you can also:

• Monitor your current charge sessions in real-time
• Get phone notifications as soon as your EV is finished charging
• Make secure payments
• Favorite locations that have easy access to your commonly used EV charging stations
• Receive an email receipt of your EV charging transactions
• View a history of past charging sessions
• Report drivers that abuse charging station use
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