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Extramarks - Online Learning App for Class K-12, JEE, NEET, NCERT Solution

⭐️Extramarks is one of the leading online Study Apps to find Instant Video Solutions to all your doubts. Get PDF and video solutions of JEE mains & JEE Advanced previous year papers, NEET previous year papers, NCERT solution for class K-12, CBSE, ICSE, All-State boards and other competitive exams.

⭐️Attend online classes, and interactive lessons, gather study materials for K-12, NCERT, JEE, NEET and learn more with our education app. Get taught by the best teachers in India in an interactive & immersive learning environment.

⭐️Get Unlimited Access to all courses, Test series, Practice sessions, Online study material, Assignments, Doubt Solving sessions & lot more

⭐️Our extensive library of study materials is prepared by subject matter experts. With animated educational videos, we make online learning fun!

Extramarks work on the tested pedagogy of learn-practice-test, which encourages students to experience in-depth learning. It's the one-stop solution for all your online learning needs!
Here’s what students can do on Extramarks - Online Learning App:

✔️Attend live classes from anywhere
✔️Interact with your teacher directly, and get doubts cleared in real-time
✔️View recorded lessons and engaging videos
✔️Unlimited access to practice questions curated by industry experts from top universities.
✔️Study online by accessing different courses such as K-12, CBSE, NEET, JEE Foundation, and many more
✔️Download and practice from the previous years’ questions papers
✔️Track your progress after taking tests with the app’s AI-backed report and analysis
✔️Track and manage all your classes, events and tasks with a calendar
✔️Explore career opportunities with the app’s Career Assessment program

Competitive Exams - JEE, JEE Mains, and NEET

⭐️Access JEE previous year question papers with solutions, solved papers with explanations.
⭐️Topic wise objective questions for JEE, important formulae & video, etc.
⭐️Access Question Bank for JEE & NEET
⭐️Free JEE & NEET Mock Tests for practice
⭐️JEE quiz tests, revision notes and videos in Hindi

What makes Extramarks one of the best Online Education Apps in India? Our students find these features on Extramarks - Online Learning App useful:

💻Simple UI: The app provides a seamless user experience so that you can navigate easily.
🖥️Live Chat: Get doubts resolved in real-time with the Live Chat feature.
📚Question Banks: Practice and gauge what you have learnt with over 1.5 lakhs of questions.
🔍Self-Test: Create your own test to assess your progress.
⏳Practice Tests: Attempt mock tests or answer questions from the previous years’ exams.
👍Recommendations: Get recommendations based on your learning history.
👪Create Multiple Profiles: Easy navigation in case student wants to access CBSE/ICSE/NEET/JEE.
📚1.5 Lakhs Practice Questions: Test your preparation topic-wise to be through with your concepts with 1.5 Lakhs+ Practice Questions.
📝Create your own Tests: Create your own tests based on chapters & difficulty.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, the Extramarks Learning app has enabled millions of students in the country to learn online, making it one of the best education apps. Additionally, over 10k+ schools trust our app to run online classes efficiently.

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