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Find the difference between two pictures while improving your observation!

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Find The Difference descripción

Find the Difference game is a visual puzzle game with 100 different visuals, relaxing gameplay and effects. Find the difference between the rearranged pictures by downloading the Spot the Difference game and mark the difference by tapping!
Among the visual differences organized in the Difference Game; Color Differences are waiting for you to find hidden objects, enlarged or reduced objects. Find the differences but watch the time, your time will be running out! If Spot the Difference is easy for you, be patient because it will get harder and harder to find the differences. If you're having trouble finding hidden differences, don't forget to get help using the hint button 🔍.

👀 - Look carefully, Find the Difference, Mark the Differences and improve your observation ability.
🧠- Use your skills and complete all levels with 3 stars.
⏰- Hurry up and find 5 differences before time runs out!
💡- You can use the hint when you can't find it.
🔍-Don't forget to zoom in for a closer look.

Download now and Find the Difference!
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