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Free Finest Novels Selected to Match Your Interest. Good Stories No Need to Pay.

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Finovel descripción

Finovel is an App for reading fine novels for free. Every novel is a life experience. Finovel hopes to creat and present a splendid life for users with fine novels.

In addition to reading, earn points by submitting articles, correcting errors, completing tasks, etc., and get rewards every day!

Good novels are free to read
Whether the length, or the content is the choice of high-quality products, to improve the efficiency of your high-quality reading, you only need to complete simple points tasks, you can read all novels for free.

Save data
The amount of data used to read the entire novel, unable to watch a video or complete a game. A more cost-effective way to get a high-quality entertainment experience.

Rich points reward tasks

1) Error correction allowance
The participation of users in communication and content error correction makes Finovel's novels more in line with the preferences of local users. The more contributions you made and the higher the quality is, the more rewards you can get.

2) Invitation allowance
Whether you are an Internet celebrity or an ordinary user, you can also get bonus points by inviting fans or friends. In order to allow more people to benefit from reading novels, the more people you invite, the more points you will get.

3) Daily allowance
When you are tired from reading, you can easily get rewards every day by completing tasks such as daily sign-in and answering questions.

Points purpose
The points you get through the above methods can unlock any story chapter.

To be our contract author
Contribute your novels and get the platform's acceptance and users' likes. After becoming our contracted author, we will pay you, and give you a stable and reliable source of income for those who love to write.

For Finovel's user agreement terms, please refer to the link below:
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