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What’s your fitness goal? Do you want to get lean & fit, gain muscle & strength, or be an all-rounder? Are you ready to experience a new standard in home fitness? Then it’s time for you to gym smart with Fitbeat - the most personalised home fitness app.

Start by selecting your fitness goal and skill level, then our patented systems personalise your entire journey, from workouts to nutrition to goal tracking.


Experience 15/27/40 minute fun-packed group classes or on-demand workouts, all personalised to your fitness goal and skill level. No equipment is required, and with thousands of bodyweight exercises in our library, you’ll never get bored. Your personal trainer will keep you focused with expert instruction and motivation every step of the way. Correct your technique as your train with our new video mirroring feature, which allows you to see yourself training alongside your instructor.

Amplify your workouts with our curated playlists, or stream your own music with fully integrated Spotify and Apple Music support. Take classes on your phone, tablet, laptop or cast to your TV.

Depending on your fitness goal, your workouts might include HIIT, strength, resistance, cardio, functional, boxing, kickboxing, mobility, isometric, balance and endurance training.


Join public classes, make new friends, or work out in private classes with your close friends, and experience in-app video calls while you train. If you’re feeling competitive, join the leaderboard, and fight your way up to the top.


Your nutrition is important too, so you’ll receive delicious recipes and shopping lists, all fully customised for your fitness goal, gender and dietary preferences.

Our dieticians ensure that all of your meals are calorie-controlled, macro-balanced, and flavoursome, to support your body transformation journey.


Purchase our bluetooth heart rate monitor or bring your own compatible device, and track your live workout stats. See your heart rate, calorie burn and effort points. Set personal bests, then come back & beat them.

Take your training to a new level, with our smart body composition scale. You’ll be able to track your body fat, weight and muscle mass stats, and train towards customised target ranges for your fitness goal, age and body metrics.


Sign up for a 7 Day free trial - cancel any time, no strings attached. Membership comes with unlimited classes and a personalised training plan that includes customised workouts, nutrition and goal tracking. Support via Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger 7 days a week. Monthly subscriptions renew automatically, and you can cancel anytime.

Our heart rate monitor and smart scales are available for purchase separately (with shipping to most major markets). If you have a compatible heart rate monitor such as Apple Watch, Polar, Garmin or Wahoo, you can connect to Fitbeat and track your stats during classes.

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