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Get your opinions heard - immediately.

FoodVoice asks the critical questions so the industry’s political advocates can most effectively represent your interests. As a restaurant operator you spend day in and day out working to run a profitable business. The FoodVoice app will give you a seat at the table - where policy decisions affecting restaurants are made - even when you’re on the go.

As a decisionmaker, in the restaurant industry your opinion matters, and policymakers need to hear your perspective as they write legislation affecting pivotal topics that concern restaurants, including those involving food safety, minimum wage, labor issues, health care, environmental regulations and more.

FoodVoice will send notifications when new surveys are available. Share your opinions and they will ultimately shape the policy in city halls, the state Capitol and on Capitol Hill. Results will be made privately available to survey takers on FoodVoice.com.

Surveys take just a few minutes and we won’t inundate you. We also ensure your privacy. We’ll never forward, sell, or transfer your information. It’s safe and protected - guaranteed.

Download the app now, create a new user profile, answer a few demographic questions and begin participating today.

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