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Get the most out of your FORM Smart Swim Goggles with guided workouts.

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Built for the FORM Smart Swim Goggles. Get the most out of your swims with guided workouts in your goggles.

1. ALL YOUR SWIM TRAINING. Choose between Plans and Workouts based on your swim goals. Work through a Plan structured to help you improve your swimming skills or swim an individual guided workout. You can also load your own workouts through our custom workout builder.

2. LENGTH-BY-LENGTH INSTRUCTIONS: At the pool, let your goggles guide you through your swim with instructions and progress updates. No more paper, plastic bags or relying on your memory to know what to do next.

3. ANALYZE YOUR METRICS. Sync with the app to review each set out of the pool after every swim - and revisit past workouts to track your progress over time. You can share stats with your coach, too.

4. CUSTOMIZE YOUR GOGGLES. Choose what metrics to see while you swim, after turns, and during rest. Set up multiple configurations and swap between them based on the goals of your workouts. Options include split times, stroke rate, stroke count, and pace per 100.

5. SWIM ANYWHERE. Made for swimming in pools, open water, and swim spas. Connect your goggles to a supported Apple Watch or Garmin smartwatch to get GPS-based metrics in open water. Alternatively, use the goggles on their own for a unique open water experience.

6. CONNECT WITH THE COMMUNITY. Follow the PROs and your friends at other clubs to share your stats. Or keep it all private if you prefer.

7. TAKE YOUR DATA TO GO. Automatically sync your workouts with Strava, TrainingPeaks, Apple Health, Today’s Plan, and Final Surge. Perfect if you’re training for your next triathlon.

The FORM Swim App works with the FORM Smart Swim Goggles, the first wearable fitness tracker for swimmers and triathletes that shows metrics in real time on an augmented reality display. Learn more at www.formswim.com.

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