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Are you looking for a QR code application to help you:
✔️Recognize barcodes and smart QR on restaurant menu or public places
✔️Automatically check product barcodes
✔️Scan barcodes, qr codes coupons/coupon codes to get discounts and save some money
✔️Search for product information and generate codes
✔️Check in/ check out where you have been to save history.
✔️Save your homework recording with QR code reader
✔️Scan the QR code Wifi to access the password or access the link to declare health

All of the above are in our QR code Scanner & Barcode Scanner app. This Barcode scanner, qr scanner can scan barcodes in any format at no cost to you.

Main Features of the qr & barcode scanner
⭐ Scan QR Code & Barcode with super fast speed:
This QR code app focuses on core functionality to scan and read the most popular QR code & barcode types with super fast speed and good user experience, designed for all android devices.
+ Safe QR code scanning: Avoiding malicious links and ensuring that scanned content is safe to view, the QR scanner shows you a safe preview, so you can verify it.
+ Read QR code: this qr code reader will automatically scan any QR code or barcode reader with your phone's camera or scan a QR code image from the gallery.
+ Use Page Loot QR Code Scanner to get a saved list of your scans.
+ Read QR code text, contact, URL, Email, Vcard, SMS, wifi, Image, text message...
+ Automatically open files when scanning QR codes, Barcodes
+ Enjoy saving and sharing QR codes & barcodes
+ Scan QR code as soon as you are in the dark with just a flash

⭐ Create your own unique QR code & barcode generator:
- Create your own QR code: Text, Contact Data (MeCard, Vcard), Site Link (URL), Email, Wifi, Text message...
- Customize QR creator: Show your personal info or company logo and colors on your QR Code and get more scans with call to action frames.
- Customize URLs to be short or stand out from your competitors and use your own domain name to promote brand loyalty.
- Save and share QR maker/Barcode maker.
You can create your own QR codes & barcodes easily, not only for your personal information but also for your marketing campaign. For small businesses, creating QR codes for their own products will help products reach users in the fastest way as well as manage products easier than ever.

✨ Why should you choose this QR barcode scanner app?:
👉 This QR scanner app can generate QR-code, barcode and scan QR code in just one app
👉 Supports all types of content
👉 Track all your QR scanning and QR generation history
👉 Scan barcode & QR from image gallery
👉 Absolutely no charge to scan QR code and generate QR-code - Barcode
👉 No need Wifi, you can still do the main features of scanning QR or generating barcodes
👉 Easy to use, user interface, smart design

We are always working hard to improve the app: QR Code: QR code scanner, QR code generator. We greatly appreciate it if you have any suggestions/suggestions for us to get a good rating. Your kind words encourage us a lot. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact support email: [email protected] Thank you for downloading. Have a nice day ❤️
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