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    Android 4.0.3

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Free Subway Surfer Cheat description:

Tips And Tricks This will help You to find the best solution to become the winner of the Subway Surfers tools and pay at least. You will be prompted with multimedia live to play Subway Surfers and how to earn special rewards along the path of the game. This will not bring You to a maze of infinite loops in the game. Forget it! Learn with the guide to Subway Surfers to beat the rival in the game and collect as many presents as You can.

There are a number of rivals in Subway Surfers You have to beat them. Application guide contains a description help You to fight them effectively. You will never enjoy playing Subway Surfers like this before using the guide of this app you will be quick to win the game for Subway Surfers.

This app is well designed for all age levels.

Statement Of Law:

This is not an official game from the publisher of Subway Surfers. Please note that the game, characters and animations are protected and belong to the creators of the game. This application aims to provide information about playing the game alone.

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Free Subway Surfer Cheat 1.0 for Android 4.0.3 APK file

Version: 1.0 for Android Android 4.0.3

Update on: January 16 17

Signature: 9edf7fe12ed2a2472fb07df1e398d1039b9d2f5d

Size: 6.97 MB (7,310,217 bytes)

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User reviews
Brian Scott avatar

Brian Scott

Ok to those people who say it sucks you suck read the damn tittle! If you read the tittle you would know what it is and because you are soooooooo dumb i will explain what it is, it is a cheat GUIDE not a GAME that you play! So you are just dumb and you should change your rating if you could read properly so good job devs. AND I HATE HATERS! Wait that means i hate myself. I hate the people who hate the game GUIDE!

Yasmeen Kasem avatar

Yasmeen Kasem

It's horrid that is the only word to explain this horrible game . I literally played for two seconds then deleted it right away. I agree with the horrible things people say about this game. Oh, wait, it's not even a game. How could you even make such a bad game? I didn't think it was possible until two seconds ago. I has really bad ratings. I give it a thumbs down, way down

Wolfie Insanity avatar

Wolfie Insanity

Just a quick message to all the people who hate this: IT'S NOT A GOD DAM GAME! READ THE TITLE IDIOTS! I'm getting really annoyed looking at reviews like "horrible game" and "it won't let me play" well, that because it's not a game! It's a cheat for the game! JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE.


This is a worst game in history of whole world. I hated it only we have to read worst and rubbish things. Who ever give this to 5 stars he or she is a fool. I don t want to give this 1 star but this is not possible to give 0 stars.

YoogG God avatar

YoogG God

It is a cheat guide, not a game that is why all of you three year olds that don't understand the meaning of the game is like, "WAH WAHHH WAHHHHHH! I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY I HAVE TO READ WHEN IT IS A CHEAT GUIDE! WAHHHHHH!" Learn how to read and think, then complain. I just installed this to tell you guys how you seem like complete idiots. The sad thing is that you are the ones we rely on to change the future, but from what I can gather is that we have no hope.