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Game to learn Chinese Vocabulary descripción

Game to learn Chinese Vocabulary is an game for you to learn Chinese effectively. With this free app to Game to learn Chinese Vocabulary, you can recognize Chinese Alphabet, animals, fruits, color, food, numbers.... Learn Chinese is important language for you development. Learning while playing is the best fun and effectively way for your you to learn Chinese easy.
So, Game to learn Chinese Vocabulary has 2 fun game. In game, you can practice phonics Chinese, help you remember vocabulary better. One word will be automatically pronounced, you have to listen what is it, then choose true image by touching screen.
Let’s you learn and play now!
Game to learn Chinese Vocabulary has 28 level which are around you real life, 694 words vocaburaly with sound and images of them . You can use all of them without network, it’s free.
* Chinese Alphabet: Chinese hiragana and katakana letters of alphabet and you can watch many ABC songs, Alphabet videos in Videos Chinese. Learning by image brings better results for Game to learn Chinese Vocabulary.
* Numbers: Beside ABC alphabet, this Game to learn Chinese Vocabulary also provide about 1- 20 numbers of section that helps you learn Chinese number conveniently.
* Animals: includes 90 animals with real pictures of them. You very love animals so it help you impression and want to learn Chinese.
* Transports: 24 pictures of vehicle in Chinese for you, which all of you are interested!
* Color: 18 colors in Chinese for you.
* Country: 60 countries with engish name for you.
* Vegetables: 40 popular of vegetables arround the world. All of us is Chinese name for you.
* Fruits: The 51 Healthiest Fruits On Earth with real picture. You very love it and you can find the way to get you to eat better.
* Flower: includes top 22 flowers beautiful in the world. Your girls will very like them and help you learn Chinese name of them.
* Food: have 40 Chinese words for many different types of delicious food.
* Object: 40 common objects in real life. You will learn Chinese name object around their life.
* Shape: 26 type of shapes in Chinese, the app helps to build the skills and knowledge of you in a playful manner.
* Job: 50 Chinese name of Professions & Jobs will help you know about your dream jobs in the feature.
* Verb: Learn and study the most frequently used 50 Chinese vocabulary verbs used in speaking Chinese daily.
* Adjectives: You can learn 30 adjectives common in Chinese to describe physical appearance.
* Nature: 18 pictures of nature will help you knowledge about nature.
* Classroom: 24 popular objects in school.
* Dates: includes 7 days of week, 12 months and 4 seasons in a year!
* Christmas & Halloween: During festivals like Christmas, Halloween and New Year a lot of vocabulary related to celebrations can easily sink into you.

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