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Control your go-eCharger HOME+ or HOMEfix with the go-eCharger App

go-eCharger descripción

The go-eCharger app gives you access to all details about the charging status of your go-eCharger. You can also adjust the basic and comfort settings of the Charger to your individual needs. With the app, you will also be able to keep an eye on the amount of the charged electricity.

The connection between smartphone and go-eCharger can be established locally via the hotspot or by integrating the wallbox into a WiFi network. Then you will be able to control and monitor the Charger from anywhere in the world.

- Detailed information on the charging process
- Start and stop charging (also possible without app)
- Adjust current power in 1 ampere steps (possible without app via push button in 5 steps)
- Automatic stop of charging after reaching a predefined amount of electricity
- Display charged kWh (total consumption and consumption per RFID chip)
- Manage electricity price exchange connection (aWATTar mode)*/**
- Manage the charging levels of the go-eCharger button
- Enable/Disable Access Control (RFID/App)
- Activate/deactivate scheduler
- Activate/deactivate automatic cable lock
- Change LED brightness and colours
- Adapt the ground check (Norway mode)
- Manage RFID cards
- Change WiFi settings
- Change hotspot password
- Customise device name
- Activate and adjust static load balancing*.
- Access the Charger from anywhere in the world via the go-e Cloud*.
- 1-/3-phase switching***
- Download firmware updates for the go-eCharger

*WiFi connection of the charger required
**Separate electricity supply contract with partner aWATTar required, currently only available in Austria and Germany
***onwards go-eCharger serial numbers with CM-03- (hardware version V3)
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