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Gods of Rome description:

An epic fighting game set in an age of myth and legend that shows you exactly what your mobile device is capable of!
The souls of the most powerful gods have been summoned to brutal battle. Fight to restore peace in the most graphically amazing game for mobile. A pantheon of champions is yours to train to new heights and take to war as you enter an epic story full of daily challenges, mystical prizes and PvP combat.
Gods of Rome pushes the limits of the mobile platform by offering the best 3D graphics possible on a mobile device.
Enjoy an experience tailored to the mobile platform – the entire screen is at your disposal, with fluid Tap & Swipe controls that deliver merciless chain attacks and combos!
Join the lofty ranks of THE ASCENDERS – the supreme summoners of ancient legend!
As an Ascender, you can summon, upgrade, and manage gods, monsters, heroes and other mythical warriors in a blood fight against a dark force that threatens to enslave them all! A legendary clash of Titans!
- Greek and Roman gods such as Zeus, Hades, Vulcan, Atlas, Medusa, Spartacus the gladiator, and many more form the most powerful gathering of fighters the world has ever seen!
- Undertake your journey through the ancient world's most incredible locations – Mount Olympus, the ruins of Pompeii, the Coliseum, and many more!
- Discover the unique Bonds shared by your fighters to unlock powerful bonuses.
Explore exciting world maps where formidable new opponents wait to challenge your fighting skills…
Begin your quest to defeat the dark demon Tenebrous, an ancient evil who has unearthed the artifact known as the Chaos Vessel. As he threatens to enslave the world’s greatest warriors with its power, only the mighty summoners known as "The Ascenders" can rise up against his new regime!
Engage in online VS battles and PvP Events to conquer your challengers; win rewards, upgrade your pantheon with new abilities and special moves, and become the top-ranking Ascender!
Win Spheres to discover the loot and treasures within: rare fighters, gems, valuable resources and other amazing rewards!

Find out more about the game on the official site -- http://www.godsofromegame.com/

Visit our official site at http://gmlft.co/website_EN
Check out the new blog at http://gmlft.co/central

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Gods of Rome 1.4.1a for Android 4.0 APK file

Version: 1.4.1a for Android Android 4.0

Update on: October 01 16

Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c

Size: 29.95 MB (31,400,389 bytes)

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Gods of Rome 1.3.0s for Android 4.0 APK file

Version: 1.3.0s for Android Android 4.0

Update on: July 13 16

Size: 29.92 MB (31,368,689 bytes)

Download APK (29.92 MB)

Gods of Rome 1.2.1b for Android 4.0 APK file

Version: 1.2.1b for Android Android 4.0

Update on: May 23 16

Size: 36.14 MB (37,891,945 bytes)

Download APK (36.14 MB)

Gods of Rome 1.2.0l for Android 4.0 APK file

Version: 1.2.0l for Android Android 4.0

Update on: May 04 16

Size: 36.12 MB (37,877,831 bytes)

Download APK (36.12 MB)

Gods of Rome 1.1.0p for Android 4.0 APK file

Version: 1.1.0p for Android Android 4.0

Update on: March 10 16

Size: 31.35 MB (32,877,621 bytes)

Download APK (31.35 MB)

Gods of Rome 1.0.0n for Android 4.0 APK file

Version: 1.0.0n for Android Android 4.0

Update on: December 17 15

Size: 31.26 MB (32,779,155 bytes)

Download APK (31.26 MB)

User reviews
Turtle Shams avatar

Turtle Shams

Awesome!! So far so good ! Totally a massive Greek mythology game ...Great Music,Graphics...though bugs hitting me nearly every fight :/ ...but still salute to the developers...

Muhd Taufiq avatar

Muhd Taufiq

I love Greek Myth! Ive been waiting for this kind of game!i love greek and egypt myth.this one was one of the best!!it crashed twice..but i understand,today is the launching day..tomorrow gonna be a greatest game on android

Quenton K Aye avatar

Quenton K Aye

New touch screen format I like they moved away from trying to imitate the analog and four button layout. While seemingly a little too simple the system works well and as for the graphics and gameplay backgrounds characters and and overall fight game experience... It's a must try

Gregor Spahiyski avatar

Gregor Spahiyski

Server issues and crashes Can't play PvP and can't open spheres 90% of the time due to some error that is not even explained in the message. My internet connection is entirely fine. Lots of crashes in the Temple, also when I finally get a PvP opponent and start fighting him - again crash. Too bad.

Michael Salvati avatar

Michael Salvati

=) Graphics are top notch. Gameplay is great. Haven't experienced any issues with freezing or crashes. It's a very fun game. Worthy of a 5 Star rating.