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Gold Miner: Treasure Seeker descripción

Try and have a good time with new ‘Gold Miner: Treasure Seeker’ game.
This time, the old man will be in a new journey. No longer working in gold mine, he follows a mysterious treasure map which leads to different places in the world. At least three locations were found, on a desert, a peaceful countryside, and a ruin deep in a jungle.

As the hook swings side to side, aim at the right angle and tap. The hook will catch the nearest game object on its way. Try to get as many treasures as you can. A chest of gold is surely valuable but diamond is most precious thing in game. Sometimes you may catch rocks, those are heavy and quite worthless. However that is not the worst, catching TNT will blow up nearest treasures, ruining your day. So be careful and try your best to win all games.

★ Colorful graphics combining with fun and cute animation
★ Powerful power-ups in store. Make the storekeeper happy all day by purchasing his stuff
★ Various game objects with different effects
★ At least 45 levels await you to explore
★ Three new backgrounds: desert, countryside and jungle
★ Relaxing music

Sometimes if it is hard to get through a level, you can play few last levels. Try to score as many as you can, consider when buying power-ups (as it will cost you some gold). The exceeding score in last levels will accumulate and help you to overcome the hard level.

Download Gold Miner: Treasure Seeker now and enjoy your time.
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