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Better swimming with step-by-step progressions by the global technique leader.

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Become a better swimmer with the GoSwim app through our step-by-step video courses, customized workouts, and personalized data-driven content suggestions.

GoSwim is the sport’s leading provider of educational video content, and the Official Technique Video App for USA-Swimming. Our mission is to create videos that help people swim better and faster. Our nearly four thousand video clips feature dozens of Olympic athletes from around the globe as well as beginner-level swimmers, triathletes, masters, and age-group swimmers. GoSwim videos can teach you how to swim each of the four competitive strokes -- AND how to swim them really well, focusing on the things that elite swimmers do...that every swimmer can do.

Always at the forefront of using technology to improve coaching and swimming, GoSwim has created a new mobile app that makes their extensive content and knowledge even more accessible to swimmers.


The GoSwim app features a weekly theme (for example, how to improve your flutter kick) and suggests a short daily video to support the theme. By watching a single video each day, over the course of the week, you will have a better understanding of the theme. Over the course of a year, swimmers will gain a deeper understanding of each of the four strokes, and take better ownership of their swimming.

The GoSwim app features workouts that support the weekly themes and daily lessons. Instead of swimming endless laps or mindless sets, the GoSwim workouts will help you train with a purpose. We believe that swimming is a skill first, so while the workouts provide training, they will subtly incorporate skills and learning to make you a better swimmer, rather than just a fitter swimmer. Fitness will come with the execution of specific movements while you’re training.

The workouts are searchable to the level of expertise, distance, time, and stroke specialty. Find the workouts that you like the most, and add them to your list of favorites. Even print them out so you can have them poolside with you while you practice.

Keeping track of your progress is important. We’ll teach you how to segment out your swim data to calculate your Stroke Efficiency Index score by using our SEI calculator.

Once you have that score, the app will search the GoSwim library and suggest a video for you to watch based on your SEI score and the stroke that you swam. This will help you continue the educational process.


Full access to the entire GoSwim library, the ultimate archive of thousands of swimming-technique videos. You’ll have more robust search options than those provided with just the app.

Workouts that support the weekly themes, along with videos that will enhance your understanding of the workouts.

Unlock recommended videos based on your SEI score.

GoSwim continues to produce content based on elite-level swimmers. In addition, we field questions directly from subscribers. Ask us a question specific to your swimming, and there’s a good chance we’ll create a video that addresses your question.

GoSwim’s new app is completely free and lets you enjoy a broad range of GoSwim’s workouts and technique videos. But to access ALL of GoSwim’s content, you’ll need a paid subscription. We offer either a monthly option ($9.99) or an annual plan ($79.99), purchased with your iTunes account. We offer a 7-day free trial period. After the free trial period, your subscription is auto-renewed every month so there’s no interruption in your membership. You may cancel or edit your subscription in your iTunes & App Store account setting. For more information on our terms and conditions, and privacy policy, please visit https://www.goswim.tv/terms_of_service & https://www.goswim.tv/privacy.
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