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An eclectic mix of hard to find European and US street-wear brands

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Founded by brothers Brian and Edward Toft, HANON was born out of a passion for skateboarding and street-wear, originating in the front room of their parents’ house as a makeshift shop in the late 80’s.

Within a year they moved from the unorthodox setup selling products to their friends to a legitimate store called ‘Streethreds’ in their hometown Elgin - a small town situated in the North East of Scotland.

Relocating south to the larger city of Aberdeen in 1993 and transitioning to a name change, HANON quickly established itself as a destination for deadstock and hard to find sneakers as well as an eclectic mix of European and US street-wear brands. Today we are regarded by the international sneaker community for top quality footwear, as well as footwear collaborations and our own apparel brand.
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