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Learn Chinese for beginners: Chinese alphabets, all about basic Chinese language

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Just studying with HeyChina for 1 hour and continuously for 120 days, you will see the difference!
>> Take 40 minutes every day to learn basic Chinese words, basic grammar, and phrases, and practice listening, and speaking. Spend 20 minutes revising the entire lesson.
At the weekend, review all the basic words and phrases you learned during the week, and earn good badges from HeyChina!
In particular, the application will remind you to study every day, and at the same time show you the secrets of learning Chinese effectively.

HeyChina guides you step by step to master the Chinese language and reinforces it with practical exercises, and of course, a prestigious award for those who study hard and excellently.

5 benefits when you learn Chinese with HeyChina:

馃憠 A methodical lesson route
馃憠 Confident communication
馃憠 Develop 4 mastery skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
馃憠 Personal capacity assessment
馃憠 Promoting motivation every day

And of course, when we have Chinese in our hands, many opportunities are available to us: cultural discovery, job promotion, study abroad in China...

Learning the Chinese alphabet is the first step you need to take to conquer this interesting language.

The English writing system uses the Latin alphabet, while Chinese is hieroglyphic. Therefore, any Chinese speakers who start to learn Chinese are surprised and quickly lose their motivation to learn from the beginning. HeyChina helps beginners to understand the basic Chinese alphabet.

Easy selection of multiple display modes:

馃憠 Full Chinese alphabet with patterns, tones...
馃憠 Practice pronouncing every Chinese letter: quick assessment, timely correction right from the start
馃憠Theory/tips for new Chinese learners
馃憠 Can choose to display pinyin, Chinese characters

Combine Chinese words and phrases by topic:

Learn basic words and phrases by topic: Family, animals, food, and all topics about daily life.
>> Chinese words and grammars HSK6, HSK5
>> Chinese words for communication
>> Chinese words with pictures
>> Chinese words with audio

In addition, HeyChina is also a useful HSK exam preparation application for those who want to study for HSK1, HSK2, HSK3, HSK4, HSK5, and HSK6 exams.

鈽哠pecial Features:
>> Summary of extremely standard HSK6, HSK5, HSK4 exam questions
>> HSK mock test with instant score, get suggestions to increase scores for each part
>> Automatically suggest practice with weak exercises

Chinese is difficult but having HeyChina makes it much easier. Let's make friends with HeyChina and conquer Chinese together!

Privacy Policy: https://eupgroup.net/apps/heychina/terms.html

We are looking forward to your feedback, it will help us improve the Chinese learning app - HeyChina.
Please send all your feedback to our email: [email protected]
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