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High School Maps for Minecraft PE is an app for Minecraft Pocket Edition! It provides an excellent opportunity for boys and girls to feel such a familiar atmosphere and return to school years again. Inside you will find the most beautiful maps with schools, school buses, sports grounds and classrooms. Go to class and learn new subjects! Kids will definitely be delighted! Hurry to embark on a new journey with a cubic world!
The school building is bright and consists of many different colors, and is also made in excellent HD quality and is very similar to what you have seen so often in real life. You can invite your friends and play hide and seek with them online in such a large room. There you will definitely find a great place to hide! Lessons, physical education, parties - and this is only a small part of what you and your friends can do here. You can even organize your own class and choose a decent teacher for you. Your classmates will definitely like to relax here!
Now you can play in the world that you saw in the videos of your favorite YouTubers! To fully experience the atmosphere of the school, choose a student skin. You are guaranteed to put the map to good use no matter what you do with it. It can be used for role-playing games, or you can try to expand the area with more buildings and possibly turn it into a whole city!
Be careful when playing with various mods, because with the help of them you can add different weapons or armor to the game, as well as various scary characters with whom you will have to fight and use all your strength and knowledge to win. For more realistic video games, download texture packs. Become the best player in the pixel universe! To do this, watch the training videos of famous gamers in which they share secrets and life hacks to win. Move to the next level and become a professional! VR has no limits! Imagine and create your own unique story!
High School Maps for Minecraft PE DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial app. This app is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The name, brand and assets are the property of Mojang AB or their respective owners. All rights reserved. According to http://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines
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