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We are three friends who love high intensity interval training. But we couldn't find an interval timer app we liked, so we created one ourselves that we love ❤️.

💪 Features of Hiitmi (free version) 💪

🕺 No ads at all
♾️ Unlimited number of created timers
💃 Easy and fun to use
📤 Create your own workout and share it with your friends
🎵 Training with music: just use your favorite music or podcast service (Spotify, YouTube, etc.)
👩‍🚀 Energetic and motivating female voice
🚨 Beep sounds for use in noisy environments
📈 Keep track of your workouts with simple statistics
🕶️ Choose between light and dark theme
📳 Vibration
📺 Add video URLs to your workouts

⚠️ In order for Hiitmi to work when the screen is off, a setting is necessary on Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi devices. More at www.hiitmi.com/dontkillmi.

The app is in English, with English voice.

We received many wishes for additional features, and also the wish from some users to support us financially. So we decided to introduce a subscription based Pro version that provides additional features. This way we can keep Hiitmi ad free and independent. We thought the price of about one coffee ☕ per month would be fair.

💪 Additional features of Hiitmi Pro (paid version with subscription) 💪

📣 Say exercise name
🧘 Yoga sounds
🙊 Don't say "Hiitmi"

🆓 The basic version of Hiitmi stays free and ad free and without restrictions in the number of timers you can create or share.

🎋 Tell us what features you would like at www.hiitmi.com/feature-wishlist

Hiitmi is an interval timer for HIIT, tabata, yoga, calisthenics, boxing, crossfit, MMA, bodyweight exercises, cardio exercises, circuit training or any interval training or workout.

Of course you can also use Hiitmi for other things like sauna, cooking, studying, taking cold showers, sunbathing, etc.. enjoy!
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